NS Marathon

NS Marathon

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The new generation of comfort and speed, the NS MARATHON features advanced Flexitor® front suspension, Hydrolastic® rear suspension, an extended Reynolds 953 stainless-steel seat post, and a lighter, stiffer, polished stainless steel frame.

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    Wheel Size 20"
    Frame 'Shot-in' tube construction in aerospace stainless steel with Reynolds 853 steel forks. Silver fillet brazed by hand. [sizing]
    Front Suspension Moulton Flexitor® (with adjustable bump-stop and soft lock-out)
    Rear Suspension Moulton Hydrolastic®
    Separability Separates into two halves via removal of kingpin. Front and rear forks are also easily removed to reduce packing size.
    Frame Finish Polished stainless steel with painted 'highlights'
    Front Carrier ...
    Rear Carrier Fits 'Large Rear' or 'Day' carrier
    Colour [?] Painted highlight colour of choice [see colour chart]
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